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A change of URL, formerly misterkomplikado, ought to do me some good.
I will not be held liable for what I post here. I don't talk much but that doesn't mean I don't have something to say. Don't even know what brought me here, I guess I woke up one day and as I shower I decided to make a Tumblr account and voilĂ !. But what does one do here anyway?
Thomasian CPA. Potterhead. Whovian. TV series aficianado. Anxious writer. Frustrated rapper. Careless ranter (whut?) Takot sa multo.
hindi po ako emo.. maniwala ka man o hindi masayahin talaga ako.. and I hope to bring you good vibes. Smile!
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I miss us talking. I miss your random texts at night. Can we go back to that? Please?

Look I know I’m not your boyfriend… but can you treat me with a little more dignity because I’m not your plaything either.

So this happened! The nature trip I’ve been waiting forrrrr! Thanks for letting me tag along ;D

Mt. Maculot, conquered. Happy (at Mt. Maculot Rockies)

  • Day 1: Hi... it's been a while since we've talked.
  • Day 2: I've been ignoring your FB chat and you never persisted.
  • Day 6: I see you are not logging into your Viber account as my messages are only 'Sent' never 'Delivered' nor 'Seen'
  • Day 9: I see you online though.
  • Day 15: I guess even here you don't see me.
  • Day 16: The good thing about this is, I get to tell 'you' what I feel without you actually knowing or judging me or something...
  • Day 18: I really miss you. so much.
  • Day 21: I need your hug. Your hugs are the best kind of hug in the whole wide world!!!
  • Day 28: Good morning! What if you are actually read this and something is just wrong with my Viber?
  • Day 29: You'd tell me naman siguro 'no?
  • Day 48: I want to tell you something... I kissed someone... and I wished it was you
  • Day 49: Uhm... it was more than a kiss perse... OH how I wish she was you!!! :(
  • Day 50: You know what? I missed you even more after we did it. I think that was the moment I knew that I really do love you.
  • Day 51: Yep... I know you don't love me as much as I love you..
  • Day 52: Right now, I'm not even sure if you like me at all... but I don't care you know. I just really love you.
  • Day 53: I don't know if you'll be able to read this someday... I don't know if I want you to read this at all.
  • Day 58: Hello...
  • Day 60: I can't promise that when you do read these, my feelings for you will be the same as today or the days before...
  • but know this.
  • At this moment, as I'm typing this, there's no one in the world I am loving more than I am loving you. I love you, baby!

Batch buffet

Loveless in Lover’s Lane. Whut?! (at Benavides Park (Lover’s Lane))

Spent the afternoon in Cubao and found this little shop called My Breathing Space. :D

They have plates, cats, London and more. :D #MyBreathingPlace

Always the one waiting for people… should’ve brought a book. They’re renovating Fullybooked so I didn’t bother buying one. Sigh.