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I don't talk much but that doesn't mean I don't have something to say. Don't even know what brought me here, I guess I woke up one day and as I shower I decided to make a Tumblr account and voilà!. But what does one do here anyway?

Thomasian CPA. Potterhead. Whovian. TV series aficianado. Anxious writer. Frustrated rapper. Careless ranter (whut?) Takot sa multo.

hindi po ako emo.. maniwala ka man o hindi masayahin talaga ako.. and I hope to bring you good vibes. Smile!
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Now. How to make you notice..?

This is bad. People around me is starting to bore me.

Funny how people put markers for special events or moments. These are often pictures, videos or letters. More than that, we use our power of association. Simple things like a piece of stone, the aroma in the air or even the rain; reminds us of these events and moments in our timelines.

As we go along our timelines, we collect memories and, at the same time, markers. At some point, we’ll have to let go of some weight these markers bring in order to make room for more.

Intentionally or not, we associate everyday objects and sensations to memories, happy or sad, that left us out of breath or broken. It is our way of reminding ourselves of the things that once mattered or the things that still do.

He could be a trophy of a one-night stand. He could have your humor but I don’t understand ‘cause he’ll never love you LIKE I CAN. #NP

And that’s all I ever do.

Happening now.

There once was a group of three. They were inseparable. From breakfasts to lunches and late dinners, they were always together. They breezed through rough seasons together. From north to south, they have seen places. They’ve shared a number of beers and cigarettes and stories and memories. They were happy as it is.

First and Second fell in love. They did so in secret. Under the table hand-holding, cryptic messages and even Morse code; they did everything just to harbor what they feel. Third had no clue.

First and Second were in love. That’s what First thought, but First was wrong. Second didn’t fall all the way. All the while, it was Third who fell, deeply, for First. First had no clue.

Third told First a number of times. First said sorry the same number of times that the feeling is not mutual. Third fell into depression, this time. Second wandered farther away. First was left alone.

First cut-off Second and Third. Second seems happy now but still feels guilty at the sight of First. Third is moving on, slowly, but is getting better. Second and Third are clueless as to what happened with whom. They are okay. First knows all, so he is still alone.

And the group of three is no more.


If my feelings for you were punctuation marks, it’ll be a semi-colon.